Casey, Waiting by Annie Murphy-Robinson

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Annie Murphy-Robinson

Casey, Waiting


71.12 x 104.14 cm | 28 x 41 in

Sanded charcoal on paper

  • ARC Purchase Awards ($18,000)
  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Drawing

This work is in the Collection of the Art Renewal Center.


Rebellion hides beneath the soft, shadowy folds of the world enveloping Casey. She is haunted by the lack of industriousness of youth, the youth before we have responsibilities; the yearning of youth, the perpetual boredom coupled with the unwillingness or outright avoidance of doing something of purpose. Engulfed in the folds of the shawl wrapped around her shoulders, Casey lives in the place between - between two moods, between two worlds. Her attire is trapped between two moods, much like Casey. The soft, delicate lace on her dress contrasts against the geometric, shimmering luster of her headscarf. Her life of leisure, the bourgeois life, catches her between boredom and the simplicity of a life of ease.