Essie's Cranes by Seth Haverkamp

13th Annual ARC Salon (2017-2018)

Seth Haverkamp

Essie's Cranes


91.44 × 60.96 cm | 36 × 24 in

Oil on board

"This is a painting of my daughter Essie. I wanted to create a painting that had an immediate impact on the viewer. The cool light from above that is equally balanced by the warm light below gives reason for the strong color usage. Essie makes paper cranes often and, in this image, she is holding a string of them. This gives reason for the hand being held in an atypical fashion. The hands, the cranes, the background, and the color combine to make an image for one purpose: the eyes. My hope is that these elements will catch the viewer’s attention and then the eyes will draw them in."  - SETH HAVERKAMP