K'nea by Sydney Bella Sparrow

13th Annual ARC Salon (2017-2018)

Sydney Bella Sparrow



60.96 × 60.96 cm | 24 × 24 in

Oil on linen on panel

"I first sat with K'nea to paint her as part of a broader figurative project I have in the works.  Instead, because the light we were working under was so idyllic, K'nea's gaze, and the color palette so intriguing, I focused for the next few months on painting a standalone portrait.

The painting was developed over the course of many layers.  The paint was laid down more opaquely at the start and glazing was added in later layers to add luminescence and depth.   I would fluctuate between solving and refining the drawing at times, and then focus on experimenting with texture and chroma at others.  With each pass I attempted to address the painting with fresh eyes, adding volume to the figure, playing with the complimentary colors, and honoring the likeness of my subject.  My aim in the end was to capture the quiet moment and the light falling over the figure." - SYDNEY BELLA SPARROW