Reflection (Portrait of Aaron Shikler) by Nicole Moné

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Nicole Moné

Reflection (Portrait of Aaron Shikler)


30.48 x 60.96 cm | 12 x 24 in


This work is on loan from a private collection.

“Aaron Shikler was my friend and mentor. During countless visits, we’d talk for hours about anything and everything over tea and tobacco. When the topic turned to childhood memories, sometimes he’d briefly become silent and distant, reliving an early moment in his remarkable life. Watching his pipe smoke drift further from his gaze, I mused how the smoke represented a timeline—some memories thick and vivid, others thin and fleeting. I wanted to capture that moment and began preparations for the painting.

Reflection was my sixth painting of Aaron. It means a great deal to me as it’s the last painting I completed that he would see. He was happy with how it turned out (joking that I could've given him some more hair) and thanked me for painting him. It is always gratifying when the sitter likes how you've depicted them. When an iconic painter is pleased with your portraits of them, it means so very much more.” – NICOLE MONÉ