Mermaid (A Hell of a Tail) by Sandra Kuck

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Sandra Kuck

Mermaid (A Hell of a Tail)


182.88 x 121.92 cm | 72 x 48 in

Acrylic watercolor on canvas

This work is on loan from a private collection.

"This painting was executed over a period of about one year. I had many starts and stops and changes in the composition along the way. I have a fascination with portraiture and I define myself as a portrait painter. I also have a fascination with textures and this painting is basically a study in textures and background that become very interesting for the viewer, but do not distract from the subject. I have always been a great admirer of the work of Johannes Vermeer. He was a master of this technique and painted portraits of people in an environment, which told a story that is only known to the artist and possibly the subject. The viewer is drawn into the painting and now becomes a part of the artist's world and is asked to answer the question 'what is going on?' I do hope this painting accomplishes that." - SANDRA KUCK