Counter-time by Song Zhou

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Song Zhou



190 x 130 cm | 74 3/4 x 51 in

Oil on linen

  • Honorable Mention / Imaginative Realism

"The figure in the center of this painting stands in defiance of the future that swirls around her in chaotic disarray, while she grapples with her own human needs to survive. Remnants of the past and present hover around her, representing a metaphor for the time-space continuum proposed by Hermann Minkowski a few years after Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. At that time, the world was experiencing the Industrial Revolution, yet now we are undergoing a similar phenomenon in the post-digital era during the current Industrial Age.
References to great historical strides in space exploration that have led us to where we are today are shown in the painting, such as in the photographs of the 1969 Moon Landing, and images of the Milky Way, x-rays and rocket ships. These emblems of human's desire to conquer are emphasized with the disembodied arm of the AI figure that holds an image an atomic bomb, symbolic of our ability to destroy the things around us with the very things that we create to 'better' the world." - SONG ZHOU