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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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  • 'thank you'' for all you do to bring MASTERFUL works...

    by Robert Renaud

    Greetings again Mr. Ross,

    I have contacted you in the past. As your website has grown over the years I can only humbly say 'thank you' for all you do to bring MASTERFUL works to me and my students.

    I have developed a segment in my classroom entitled; 'Artist of the Month'.It is during this monthly segment that I introduce my students to living artists who are demonstrating high level skills and awe inspiring craftsmanship in their works. Many of the artists I expose my students to are listed on your site. I also pull artists from magazine such as American Art Collector, FineArtConnoisseur, and The Artist Magazine. I then go to the Artists website and directly contact the artist. Many artists are willing to share thier love of art with my students in a more personal way and develop e-mail correspondance. Many times the artist sends us signed prints, molded copies of clay sculptures, signed books that the artist has developed, etc... I have been able to bring the living museum to my students because of this - which we normally would not have access to - living in Northern NY.

    On our website http://www.carthagecsd.org/webpages/rrenaud/ I have listed several of the past artists of the month. Although you personally have not been highlighted to my students, your site has been a major influence and therefore I have listed your name and the ARC site as #1 on my list of artists for my students to use as a reference. Through the years I have actually developed many relationships, most just through e-mail, with several artists who have influenced both my students and myself and I've actually been able to meet with a few of them. Jim Gurney, a masterful illustrator, and Tony Waichulis are just to name a few. Tony and I have actually become pretty good friends. I spent a weekend with him at his studio in Pennsylvania and he has even included my school's website as a link from his. He constantly encourages me and my students and I place a lot of this back to you. I thank you for all you and your staff are doing to help us art teachers and artists in developing our skills by giving us a resource of MASTERS in ART!

    Take care and God bless,
    Bob Renaud
    Carthage H.S. Art Instructor
    Carthage, New York